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Digital Dynamics Software Helps Fast Track Game Developer Through Testing Lab Process

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Surrounding client with decades of gaming experience.

Digital Dynamics Software (DigDyn) of Schaumburg, IL. is a team of industry savvy software developers who know their way around the world’s gaming labs. The DigDyn team is a developer of the SAS Engine and the SAS Gateway which allow gaming devices from all over the world to speak with a casino’s host system. One of the DigDyn team’s core abilities is knowing what the world’s leading gaming labs will require and helping game developers get through the process as smoothly and cost effectively as possible.

“We have been working with our client, Dynamic Gaming Systems, to help smooth the path through the lab process,” explained Tony Antonucci, president of DigDyn. “We figure we really have one job in the lab; know what regulators want and give them that information and access as clearly and as transparently as possible. It is amazing how much time and money a client can save when they work seamlessly to satisfy the needs of the testing lab.”

Dynamic Gaming Systems (DGS) is launching the company’s new game “Live Baccarat”. The game creates a new level of energy and speed to the classic casino game by incorporating the excitement of live gaming, while providing automatic processing of funds and multiple play at one terminal. This combination allows players to play on two live tables at the same time. The result is a faster, more exhilarating game which results in an increased revenue stream with no down time.

Said Charlie Barksdale, DGS’s President, “The folks at DigDyn have been like an extension of our team. They were helping us with our overview and strategic approach to the testing process and have been supportive every step of the way. It has freed up our team to focus on the creative aspects while letting DigDyn cover our needs in the lab. It has made our path to licensing ‘Live Baccarat’ so much more cost effective.”

Dynamic Gaming Systems purchased DigDyn’s updated SAS Engine which is a complete, lab-certified, implementation of the SAS protocol which allows casino operators to get a full-featured SAS implementation in their gaming machines within a few weeks without the development and testing effort. DigDyn’s SAS Engine is now used on casino floors on all continents. DigDyn also offers a migration path to new emerging protocols, such as G2S.

“Our approach with gaming vendors is that we basically play the left brain role,” said Antonucci. “We take a lot of those software and interface issues that will be tested in lab as part of our role and it allows our client to be the creative engine. They can focus on making their device the success on the casino floor that it should be.”

DigDyn also offers its SAS Gateway which is a hardware device that allows vendors to connect almost any gaming device into their system and realize huge savings, as much as two thirds from “day one.” Instead of having to invest on SMIBs, DigDyn’s SAS Gateway allows connectivity for a fraction of the cost. On a large casino floor, that price difference will immediately amount to substantial savings.

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