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Digital Dynamics Software: Small Company – Always Something New

6 years ago by staff 0 Comments Off

Software, hardware in casinos on every continent.

The engineers at Digital Dynamics Software (DigDyn) like to think big. Over the last six months, engineers lead by President Tony Antonucci have released a far more user friendly version of the SAS Engine with increased capabilities. The Digital Dynamics updates to SAS have evolved from a protocol designed for electronic game machine metering and logging to becoming an integral part of a modern casino floor to include bonusing, ticketing, progressives and cashless wagering.

At the same time, the company’s SAS Gateway hardware is gaining acceptance with vendors around the world as the simple plug and play system that can save millions of dollars on an average casinos floor from “day one”. Instead of having to invest thousands on a SMIB, Digital Dynamics SAS Gateway allows connectivity for around $800. On a large casino floor that price difference immediately amounts to millions of dollars.

“The one thing these latest innovative features of the SAS Engine and our SAS Gateway have in common is simplicity and straightforward solutions to our clienteles to give them the flexibility they want,” stated Tony Antonucci, president of DigDyn. “DigDyn has built its reputation on expanding into new markets with our cutting edge products and services while significantly reducing our clients’ development costs. Our SAS Engine allows casino operators to get a full-featured SAS implementation in your gaming machines within a few weeks and is now used on casino floors on all continents.”

Antonucci says there are major hidden savings in using the DigDyn SAS Engine that are realized in development and laboratory expenses.

“You can literally spend months in development, then spend additional months in the lab to get regulatory approval, or you can go with our SAS Engine and the process is reduced to a few weeks because it is a demonstrated path to regulatory approval,” stated Antonucci.

The latest version of the SAS Engine include being more user friendly and more applicability, allowing increased capability for Funds Transfer, allows multiple games “in-play” at the same time for table games, and it immediate integration into any Windows or Linux based gaming platform to get you up and running fast with improved documentation. The SAS Engine is proven technology which has been tested with all major host systems worldwide.

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