Game API Protocol (GAP)

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The Game API Protocol (GAP) is a universal multi-use protocol used for communications from a Gaming Platform to either a Protocol Engine and/or directly to a backend host system.

We supply easy to use (GAP) interfaces (including object models) for:
  • C / C++
  • C# / .NET
  • VB.NET
  • Delphi

We also supply transport layers for:
  • Direct API calls
  • TCP/IP
  • Serial
  • USB

Some have asked, does GAP compete with the G2S protocol? — The answer is no. GAP defines the API that can be used to communicate with ANY protocol, including G2S.

G2S defines the messages, GAP is the next level up. GAP defines the interface that the gaming platform uses for any protocol, such as SAS, BACTA, G2S, etc.

Currently DigDyn has protocol Engines for; SAS, BACTA and GAP Direct. If G2S gains significant market share, we will produce a G2S Engine.

Using GAP, you insulate yourself from different gaming protocols. Use SAS today, move seamlessly to G2S in the future. Your investment is protected.