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Add the next generation system
of system protocol to your gaming product


S2S (System To System) is an industry open gaming protocol that allows casino operators to connect all of their systems together to share information with other systems such as Hospitality or POS (Point of Sale) systems.

S2S Connect is a versatile and powerful software development kit that allows developers to easily connect the next generation of commercial gaming systems via the S2S protocol.

  • Support for any Win32 development environment .NET, C++, VB, J-Script
  • Synchronous and asynchronous support provides the user with the flexibility of sending messages in several ways
  • Intellisense allows the browsing of our object hierarchy to easily increase the user’s productivity
  • Logging support at both the transport and the application level
  • Sample client & server code is provided that demonstrates many of the features of S2S Connect
  • Virtual-Edge simulator is provided that allows the user to simulate virtually any number of clients
  • Support for multiple servers & client connections allows several s2s-based applications on the same “box”
  • Automatic handling of the communication IDs
  • Support for both global and class specific error responses that S2S Connect automatically detects (MS01-MS10)
  • STransaction support is provided for the Voucher and Handpay classes from the client role
  • Error and Status events are raised providing the user simple “hooks” into the communications stack to monitor the underlying communications


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S2S Connect – Build 57

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S2S Connect – Programmers Guide

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S2S Connect – Windows 7 Installation Note

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