SAS Engine

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The SAS Engine is a complete, lab-certified, implementation of the SAS protocol for you to utilize in your gaming platform. The SAS Engine allows gaming manufacturers to add a full-featured SAS implementation in their gaming machines within a few weeks without the significant development and testing efforts usually associated with implementing the SAS protocol.

The SAS Engine supports the following features:
  • Accounting
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Multi-Game
  • Multi-Denom
  • Advanced Funds Transfer (AFT)
  • Ticketing (System & Secure Enhanced Validation)
  • Bonusing (Legacy and AFT)
  • Progressives (SAS and Non-SAS)
  • Jackpot Handpay
  • Tournament
  • Real-Time Event Reporting

The aforementioned functionality has been fully tested, approved by several testing labs, and deployed by our clients in many gaming jurisdictions on multiple gaming platforms, worldwide.

The SAS Engine is available on the following platforms:
  • Windows (as a Dynamic Link Library)
  • Linux (as a Shared Object)
  • On a stand-alone embedded board

Embedded SAS Engine

Quick fix: in some rare instances the gaming device manufacturer cannot use the SAS Engine software directly on their gaming platform. For example the gaming platform might not be running Windows or Linux. In these rare but important cases, the SAS Engine can be run on our Embedded platform, which is the same hardware our Gateway solutions run on.

This frees the gaming device from having to incorporate the SAS Engine into their platform. It also allows the SAS Engine to be located in a different cabinet, or in the Back Office.